Hard To Kill

by Imprisoned

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released January 19, 2015



all rights reserved


washed up records Melbourne, Australia

Washed Up Records Est 2004 with releases from Carpathian, 50 Lions, Pro Team, The Broderick, Abandon All Hope, The War, Rex Banner, Homewrecker, Worlds Apart, Third Strike, Wish for Wings and Alleged

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Track Name: A Verse For Forgiveness
Track Name: Damaged From Birth
Stay away from me
Suffer this death alone
Troubled by the emptiness
Life, abyss, unknown.

An eye for an eye
I'll drown you in the fire
I am your enemy
Watch your life expire

Unleash your rage
Demoralised, beaten and betrayed
Damaged from birth
Void this life from light, erase.
Track Name: Pursuing Pain
A life on the outside
A true coward that hides
I'll show you true fucking fear
In spite I'll take your life

Seek refuge
I'm coming for you

A life on the outside
I'll look you dead in the eyes
You're a coward that's blind
In spite I'll take your life

I'm coming for you

A life on the outside
A true coward that hides
I'll show you true fucking fear
In spite I'll take your life
Track Name: The Promised land
Deliver me to the promised land
So that I am free to sin
Endure this punishment and let the hunt begin

I live for this mother fucker (x2)

The coward will lose his head
Sterilised, victimised
The promised land won't forgive you
Genocide, take your life.
Track Name: Etched Into My Mind
Crushing my mind
The cold overflows
You cannot escape
I'll spit on your grave
I'll drink your blood
Putrid scum

Crushing my mind
You're a prude
You're a whore
Because of you I curse the day I was born
I am not like you
Track Name: Devour
True thirst
Blood devour tainted eyes
Unforgiven human flesh and broken lies
The night, the shadows, the darkness falls upon these skies
You'll run, you'll hide
Eclipse the sun and cleanse mankind

End your life
Track Name: Imprisoned
Tear down the gates
Shadows consume
Hell turned it's back
Cold solitude
The weak dilute
What hell refused
No remorse

Forgive me father for I have killed
These faithless hands, above guilt
Track Name: Deliver Me To Hell
Even in hell I'd take your life
Track Name: Hard To Kill
Burn my body
Rejected and abused
Unleash the rage
Obliterate, disgraced

Knife in the back
Hard to kill

Slit my wrists
And drain the blood
Bring me torture
I relish in pain

Hard To Kill
Track Name: Watch You Bleed
I can almost see you
Stranded and drowning in ten directions
Life of pain and misery
Broken, bleeding you can't defeat me

The wolf will not cry
A midnight howl to make your skin crawl
The fight will not die
I am the master and you a the prey

(Jamie Hope)
I'll summon the darkness to carry you away
Stone hearts will crumble, through guilt we're led astray
The virgin, the slut
The demon will have his way
No pity just torture
Tainted with hell to pay

Watch you bleed